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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all server ips including their ports on the "Server IP's" wiki page.
This is a Java server and uses Java redstone functionality, there is however another port available for Xbox/Windows 10 players, for more information visit the wiki page.
You have two options, either wait for the ban countdown to finish (timer is displayed upon rejoining the server), or you have the option to buy your life back from the store for a fee of $69.99. The reason for such a high price is to discourage gamers from using this system.
Yes it is. Although the health bars (hearts) do not change in Xbox or Windows, it is nevertheless a hardcore world; upon death you will be kicked and banned from the server for the remainder of the month. If you attempt to login, a countdown timer will be displayed. point to the SMP game play page wiki
Yes. A whole new world is generated when a new hardcore world is made on the 1st of each month. You can learn more about "Hardcore" and "SMP" servers in the wiki.
At the 1st of each month